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Wedding Tips & Suggestions


Wedding Cake Tips

  • Serving Size: Keep in mind when ordering your wedding cake that you’ll want to save the top layer. So order a cake that will be large enough for all of your guests and still have enough of the top layer saved for your first year wedding anniversary. If you have a wedding coordinator, you’ll want to be sure that they put that layer aside for you.
  • Pricing: Wedding cake prices are based on a rate of $4.25 per person* and can change depending upon the number of people, availability of seasonal fresh fruits, and types of fresh flowers that may be used. *Prices are subject to change.
  • Cake Style: Always review the portfolio of a cake designer before making your purchase. This is very important, because some bakeries don’t specialize in wedding cakes. This will insure that your cake is baked to your specifications.
  • Guest Considerations: If you are on a very tight budget for your wedding consider ordering a smaller wedding cake plus a less expensive sheet cake with icing. You will still be able to satisfy all of your guest and keep your expenses down. Be sure to keep the sheet cake in the kitchen and out of sight.
  • When To Order: Plan to interview your cake designer at least 60 to 90 days before your actual date, or as soon as your wedding date is confirmed. Some bakeries will only take 1 or 2 bookings per date; others will accept more.
  • References: Always ask for references or customer feedback from previous bookings. We invite you to take a look at our many customer testimonials.

Wedding Invitation Tips

  • Your Wedding Invitation: Invitations inform your guests of the date, time, place and hosts of your occasion. They also give your guests the first impression as to the style of your event. Wording on all invitations is interchangeable, or you can write your own. Create your own look by choosing any ink color, lettering style or enhancement such as bows or wraps. Invitations should be mailed four to six weeks prior to your wedding date. We recommend you order 25 more invitations than the number required for your mailing list. This allows for addressing errors and last minute guests. Ordering 25 more at a later date is considered a new order and is more expensive.
  • Personalize Your Invitation: We have programmed the choice selections to match the samples that are pictured. You should, however, change any of these settings to suit your wedding plans. Just choose the ink and lettering you like best, select a verse or write your own verse and view a proof. We encourage you to make changes to the wording, lettering and ink color and proof the invitations again until you are fully satisfied.
  • Decorate Your Invitation: There are many ways to make your invitation unique. When ordering your invitation, a message will be displayed if one of our beautiful translucent wraps that let your guests unwrap the news of your event or elegant self-adhesive bows is available.
  • Lined Envelopes: Lined envelopes are an inexpensive way to enhance the elegance of your invitation. Most invitations come with two envelopes: the outer envelope that is addressed to your guests’ homes, and the inner “ungummed” envelope that is addressed with your guests’ names and fits inside the larger outer envelope. Add a lined inner envelope that matches your invitation and ink color. This is another way to add to a customized look to your invitation.
  • Printed Return Address: Printing your return address on the back of the outer envelope will help assure the return of any invitation that may have addressing errors for you to re-mail. All lettering styles and ink colors are available to match your invitations.
  • Addressing and Mailing your Invitations: All of our invitation ensembles receive a FREE copy of our ‘Helpful Hints for Addressing Guide’ that explains the rules of addressing etiquette and how to assemble your invitation and accessories. We also provide a free guide that you insert into your envelopes to keep your handwritten address straight.
  • Reception Card: Reception cards indicate the time and place of your reception. You include it only in the invitations of the guests whom you wish to attend your reception. Envelopes are not required.
  • Response Card: Response cards make it convenient for your guest to reply, and for you to plan properly. They always include a line for the guest to write in their names, a line for the number of persons attending and a date asking for your guests to reply by. If you are offering your guests a menu choice, list them here. An envelope printed with your name and address is included. Response cards are a small expense in knowing how many meals your caterer needs to prepare, and ultimately can save you money on your reception costs.
  • Informals: Informals are a folded card printed with the name of the Bride and Groom, the Bride only or the new couples monogram. You can use these cards to write a personal note of thanks or for brief social notes. Order an ample supply to have them available anytime you need to write a note.
  • Thank You Notes: Thank you notes are available with three printing options. You can have a short verse of thanks to your guests on the front, the words “Thank You” printed on the front, or a combination of the two with the words “Thank You” on the front and a short verse of thanks printed on the inside.
  • Save The Date Cards: In this modern world it’s more and more important to give your family and friends as much notice as possible of your upcoming happy occasion. This is especially true for out-of-towners. Try to send these cards at least three to four months before the wedding. Any informal shown on this site may be used as a Save The Date Card. To order just change the suffix letter after the item number from an “F” to a “Y”.
  • Return Address: Your return address printed on the back of your envelope assures that your note was properly delivered or will return any addressing errors to you for re-mailing.
  • Napkins: Coordinate your reception colors with our super, soft three-ply napkins. They come in luncheon and beverage size in a wide variety of colors and are foil stamped with your names, wedding date and a design.
  • Place Cards: Place cards are the best way to organize the seating at your reception. Your names and wedding date are featured in your choice of ink color and lettering style. Just write in your guest’s names and table number.
  • Favor Note Pads and Matches: Favor Note Pads are great for guests to exchange phone numbers or make suggestions to the band. They are especially appropriate if your event is smoke-free and you are not having matches. Favor Note Pads are available in an array of colors. Matches are a traditional favor for your guests to take home and recall the event. Matches are available in ecru and white. There is also a white billboard match that can be used as a place card. Favor note pads and matches are personalized with your name and date, a choice of designs and foil colors.
  • Bookmarks: Bookmarks are a unique addition to your wedding reception that allows your guests to remember your day long after the event. You are able to choose a variety of styles of designs, ink colors and verses personalized with your names and wedding date. This is a lasting way to say thank you to your guests.