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2. All cake prices except specialty cakes include (1) type of filling. Selecting more than 1 filling may incur an additional charge.
3. We require a non-refundable deposit of ½ the amount of cake orders of $50 or more, and on all orders considered ‘specialty’ regardless of $ amount.

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Celebration Cakes

Cakes by Kim allows you to create from scratch a cake for any occasion. You choose the flavor, frosting, filling and style from our extensive selection. We then make each cake by hand. Special drawings and premium decorations can be added to your cake for an additional fee. Celebration Cake fillings are available in three styles:

  • Mousse fillings, made from real cream, are a little luxury guaranteed to please your guests.
  • Ganache is a dense and deliciously rich chocolate filling.
  • Fruit fillings are made from the finest fresh produce, and may be subject to an additional fee due to seasonal availability.

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