One of the highlights of your wedding and reception is the cutting of the cake. Your guests will admire the design and creativity of our wedding cakes – as well as enjoying the rich flavor and taste!

Wedding Cakes are priced starting at $4.50 per guest serving. Certain cake styles may require an additional charge depending on other options chosen. Please call or email us to schedule your personal consulting and cake-tasting appointment!

Some Cakes by Kim Wedding Creations

Wedding Cake Tips

Serving Size: Keep in mind when ordering your wedding cake that you’ll want to save the top layer. So order a cake that will be large enough for all of your guests and still have enough of the top layer saved for your first year wedding anniversary. If you have a wedding coordinator, be sure that they put that layer aside for you.

Pricing: Wedding cake prices are based on a rate of $4.50 per person* and can change depending upon the number of people, availability of seasonal fresh fruits, and types of fresh flowers that may be used. *Prices are subject to change.

Cake Style: Always review the portfolio of a cake designer before making your purchase. This is very important, because some bakeries don’t specialize in wedding cakes. This will insure that your cake is baked to your specifications.

Guest Considerations: If you are on a very tight budget for your wedding consider ordering a smaller wedding cake plus a less expensive sheet cake with icing. You will still be able to satisfy all of your guest and keep your expenses down. Be sure to keep the sheet cake in the kitchen and out of sight.

When To Order: Plan to interview your cake designer at least 60 to 90 days before your actual date, or as soon as your wedding date is confirmed. Some bakeries will only take 1 or 2 bookings per date; others will accept more.

References: Always ask for references or customer feedback from previous bookings. We invite you to take a look at our many customer testimonials.


A complete list of all available wedding cake flavors, frostings and fillings is shown here.

Absolutely. Every wedding cake is a custom creation. Each layer can be a different type of cake, with a different filling in each layer. Gone are the days of just plain pound cake — though we still make delicious wedding pound cakes, too!

Yes, or we have cake books which you may choose from. If you see something else in a book or magazine you’d like to use, we can work with that.

Yes. we can decorate your cake with the same flowers you are using in your bouquets. If you want them to be an exact match, you may want your florist to provide us with the flowers.

Please take a look at our Wedding Cake Tips (left) for some valuable pointers.

Most wedding cakes will require specialized delivery and set-up at the location of your event. Our delivery and set-up fees are $45.00 per 1/2 hour of drive and set-up time. We will provide an estimate based your location when we meet to finalize arrangements. You may be able to pick-up your ordered products from our Wilmington, Delaware facility. Please call or email us for additional information.